I do mostly, but I would rather buy once than buy cheap and twice. Sheet music is probably my biggest expense good editions are expensive, but a completely justifiable expenditure as a musician. For travel, though, Skyscanner is my best friend; I have no problem with layovers and things if I know I can get to where I need to go on the cheap.. The problem with my fantasy self, I realise the moment after I hang up, is that she never realistic. Cargo bikes are all well and good if you organised, live in Copenhagen and have strong calf muscles. But what if none of these things applies to you? What if you live at the top of a hill in Kensal Rise, north west London, are out of shape and always running late? And that even before we get to how cautious I am when it comes to my children and the fact that at the slightest sign of iffy weather I jump in the driver seat..

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